Toys R Us Price Match Policy

Toys R Us is a national company that focuses on selling kids merchandise . If you are in the market to buy anything for the young ones chances are Toys R Us store has it in stock. With more then 1800 stores around the world there is bound to be a Toys R Us store near you. So the only thing left to cover is can you get the best price at Toys R Us , Does Toys R Us price match? We are excited to tell you that Toys R Us does price match. If you are looking to take advantage of Toys R Us price match it is important to understand Toys R Us price match policy because there are some limitations to who and what they will price match.



-Toys R Us price match guarantee is valid for in-store purchases only.

-Toys R Us will price match any item at the time of the purchase or within 7 days of purchase date! (must have valid receipt)

– Toys R Us will price match competitors local print advertisements!

 -Toys R Us will price match online competitor websites such as,,,,,,,,,, and


-Toys R Us will not price match 3rd party retailers on websites such as Amazon, Newegg, or ebay but they will price match items that are sold by those companies. 

-Toys R Us will not price match storewide discounts, buy one get one with purchase offers, percentage off discounts, out of stock or limited quantitiy items, Coupons and more (for full list of restrictions please read Toys R Us complete price match policy below!)

Below you will find Toys R Us Price Match Policy but if you don’t have time to read over the full policy you can skip below to our Toys R Us Price Match Policy Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section to see if we answered your question. You can also submit your question to us and we will try to answer it within 24-48 hours.


Here are the guidelines:
● Our Price Match Guarantee is valid for in-store purchases only.
● Price Match is given at the time of purchase or within 7 days of purchase date with a valid receipt.
● When two or more of the same item are purchased, Price Match will be limited to two of those items.
● We will match prices in our competitors’ local print advertisements.
● We will match prices from selected online competitor websites, including,,,,,,,,,, and (not including marketplace pricing).
● We will match and online pricing in our stores, except for online-only prices.
● Items purchased must be identical to the items advertised (e.g., brand or size).
● The original, complete competitor ad, with valid dates, must be presented at time of purchase. Advertisements presented via smartphone must be displayed on competitor’s website or app. Online prices must be verifiable via competitor website.
● Prices are matched after deducting any Toys”R”Us and/or Babies”R”Us coupon savings and other offers from our price.
● Competitor shipping charges will be calculated and factored in the cost of online prices.
● We will not match typographical pricing errors in advertisements or on our websites.
We will not match prices for competitors’:
● Category-wide or storewide discounts
● Buy One Get One with purchase offers
● Gift with purchase offers
● Percentage (%) off discounts
● Out-of-stock or limited quantity items
● Doorbuster items
● Coupons
● Advertisements and websites with typographical pricing errors
● Printed advertisements for Thursday, 11/26/15 or Black Friday, 11/27/15
● Online prices for the week of Black Friday beginning Sunday, 11/22/15, through Cyber Monday, 11/30/15
● Online pricing that is limited to one day or less (e.g. one day deal, 6-hour sale, evening sale)
● Online “marketplace” pricing (i.e. pricing from a 3rd party selling products via a competitor site)
● Clearance, closeout, damaged product, used, refurbished, open packages or liquidation sales

Toys R Us Price Match Policy FAQ

Q 1) Does Toys R Us Price Match? 

A 1) Yes they do but there are some limitations, Read the policy above for full list of limitations!

Q 2) Does Toys R Us price match amazon?

A 2) Yes they do however they only price match products sold by Amazon, They do not price match products sold on Amazon by third party retailers!

Q 3) Does Toys R Us Price match online retailers?

A 3) Yes they do, below you will find a list of online retailers that is included in Toys R Us price match policy! If the online retailer is not included below there is still a chance Toys R Us might price match them, talk to a manager at you local store. However they will price match below competitors for sure.,,,,,,,,,, and