John Lewis Price Match Policy

John Lewis is a United Kingdom retailer that sales wide variety of goods through its online store as well as physical shops around UK. Although John Lewis is located in United Kingdom, customers from Australia, USA, Canada, New Zeland, Singapore, and South Africa are able to shop on . Its important to keep in mind that if you are a customer not located in United Kingdom you will have to pay additional $10 fee for shipping and handling. Now that you know you are able to to shop at John Lewis you might be wondering does John Lewis price match? John Lewis does price match however there are limitations. Read our John Lewis price match policy explanation below to learn more.



-John Lewis will price match any local retailers advertised price and items purchased must be identical to the ad (size, quantity, flavor, color, etc).

-John Lewis will price match items that have already been purcashed from for up to 28 days.  

 -John Lewis shops do price match local retailers but price match request has to be handled by your local John Lewis shop. 


-John Lewis does not price match online-only or mail order businesses such as Amazon, ASOS or

Below you will find John Lewis Price Match Policy but if you don’t have time to read over the full policy you can skip below to our John Lewis Price Match Policy Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section to see if we answered your question. You can also submit your question to us and we will try to answer it within 24-48 hours.


These details will be used to help us process your request for matching another retailer’s price for an item we sell, or one you’ve already purchased from us. To enable us to do this as quickly as possible, please ensure that the retailer you’re reporting has a high-street shop, and is not online only. (we don’t match online-only or mail order businesses such as Amazon, ASOS or

You’ll also need to take into account costs relating to:

  • Fitting and installation charges
  • Delivery charges
  • Warranty charges

If you’ve already purchased the item from, please ensure that:

  • You have your order details to hand
  • You bought the item within the last 28 days

If you’ve purchased the item in one of our shops, please contact your nearest John Lewis to make your price match request


John Lewis Price Match Policy FAQ

Q 1) Does John Lewis Price Match? 

A 1) Yes they do but there are some limitations, Read the policy above for full list of limitations!

Q 2) Does John Lewis price match amazon?

A 2) No John Lewis does not price match amazon.

Q 3) Does John Lewis Price match online retailers?

A 3) No John Lewis does not price match online retailers!