ALBERTSONS Customer Service

Albertsons is one of the leading and largest food plus drug retailers in the USA. They operate in more than 33 states with around 2,200 outlets. They have a strong position in the market, locally and nationally. Now we know you might have a few questions for Albertsons customer service or maybe you are not happy with the product/service you received from one of Albertsons stores and need to talk to Albertsons customer service; We have provided a list of different ways you can reach Albertsons Customer Service. Below we have provided Albertsons customer service number and Albertsons Customers Service Email. Unfortionaly Albertsons Customer Service Live Chat is not available at this time.

ALBERTSONS Customer Service

ALBERTSONS Contact Information

  • ALBERTSONS Customer Service Phone Number : 1 (877) 932-7948
  • ALBERTSONS Customer Service Live Chat : Not Available
  • ALBERTSONS Customer Service Email :

ALBERTSONS Additional Information

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